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Introducing the ‘Build a Product’ series

What is the ‘Build a product’ series?

You’re in the front seat with me while I build a product from scratch. Applying 11 years of Product Management experience to a real scenario. Witness the framework and techniques I use to build a product and discover that elusive Product Market fit.

Why is this series so special?

Try googling ‘product management’. You will find endless results:

  • Frameworks
  • Models
  • Infographics
  • Meetups
  • Courses

More than you can read in a lifetime. All care (✓) but no evidence that it actually works. What you won’t see in these over styled info-graphics and diagrams are stories about applying these theories.

Product Management is gnarly. It can be hard to think clearly about the problem to be solved. I’ll be real with you – I don’t find it easy. But when you calmly persist and apply the theory you do get the outcomes you’re hoping for.

The approach

  1. Three ideas (Products I wish existed)
  2. Pick one – i’ll let my decide
  3. Apply my Product Management process
  4. Every detail and decision is shared here
  5. Together we’ll discover the holy grail of product market fit

Along the way, we’ll build a community around this product – and even collaborate around some aspects of the process.

We’ll encounter challenges along the way….

  • What is the problems to be solved?
  • How do I truly validate my idea? 
  • What do I measure and when?
  • What are the artefacts or outcomes of each stage?
  • How do I decide whether to build and scale my product or take it out back and shoot it in the head?

Through this journey you’ll gain a rich understanding of how to apply the Product Management framework to your own product ideas. So let’s crack on and begin making a valuable, feasible and usable product.


Marie xx


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