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3 product ideas and & a gut feeling

Scratching my own itch

To bring the ‘Build a Product’ series to life, I have to choose an idea to pursue. To help make this choice, I’ve thought through some problems i’d like to be solved in my own life. This way, when the product is built, I will have scratched my own itch.

For a week, I wrote down all the things that annoy or frustrate me.  As I’ve reached middle age, i’m perpetually grumpy with little things….so it was a long list 👵. I’ve whittled this list down to my top three. I then came up with a starting hypothesis for how I might solve that problem – these are my ideas.


Idea 1: A forced savings account

Frustration: I’m always dipping into my savings account when I shouldn’t.

Solution hypothesis: Create a savings account which doesn’t let you withdraw until you hit your savings goals 🎯. A concierge would organise for a portion of your wages to be paid directly into this account.


Idea 2: A birthday reminder system

Frustration: I forget my loved one’s birthdays. By the time i’m reminded – it’s often too late to order, wrap and post a gift.

Solution hypothesis: An app which intuitively stores and reminds you about your loved one’s birthdays.  It reminds you in just the right way and at the right time (🙅‍♀️ no reminder spam). Reminders can be customised by individual or group.


Idea 3: Luxury Car Fragrance

Frustration: The car fragrance available in supermarkets/gas stations is disgusting and it smells like chemicals.

Solution hypothesis: Car fragrance as delightful as your favourite perfume 🌸🌺🌼. Natural exotic fragrance blends that lightly scent the interior of your vehicle. Beautiful casing which blends seamlessly with your cars interior style.


And the winner is…

🎵🎤 Happy birthday to youuuuuuuu 🎤🎵  The birthday reminder system is the winning idea. I chose this idea because it’s my very favourite.

  • It’s been kicking around in my head for many years.
  • I have a hypothesis that no one has truly nailed this idea.
  • It’s a very simple problem to define – so it’s a fantastic candidate to be put through my Product Management framework.
  • I NEED this in my life!



That’s it. We’ve got our product.

Next we set off on a journey to discover whether this is indeed a pain point for the target audience and begin to learn about our user.

Until then,

Marie xx


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