About me

Great to have you here. It’s my web home and a little piece of me. My name is Marie. A humble and curious person – and it’s an absolute pleasure to meet you.

I started this blog because i’m interested in so many things. A born tinkerer – i’ll latch onto an idea or a theme and obsess about it. Picking it apart and then getting too distracted to put it back together. My favourite thing to obsess about is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

I like to explore new advancements in Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality. I’m an student of Unity Development. I’ve co-produced cinematic VR. I play lots of games on my Oculus Rift. I seek out people in Melbourne/Australia with the same passion as me.

In my heart of hearts – I get the most happiness when playing with technology and being creative. Join me on my journey to learn more – and take part in my goal to become a professional creative working in these great new mediums.

xo Muzz