Monday was a ‘F**ked day’

I’d lined up my ducks, ready to crack ’em down. Over the last two weeks i’ve quit my job, defined what I want to do to ‘Live my dream’, made a plan, signed it in blood – never to look back again. I’d done it! I’d defined a path that made everything a-ok.

But I woke up on Monday (Day 1 of the rest of my beautiful life) and everything felt putrid, disgusting, festering.

I wasn’t sick. But I felt heavy. A headache had developed and a tiny little miner was bashing the back of my skull on the back to the left. I suddenly thought my plan was dumb and i’d made a mistake. I didn’t want to make my bed. And I wanted chocolate…mountains of chocolate. A conveyer belt of chocolate that couldn’t go fast enough.

“Darrel! Crank up the conveyer belt to 10 – the beast says we aren’t keeping up with demand”.


When I looked in the mirror – the enthusiastic face of yesterday was having a terrible hair day.

Green spring leaves got me feeling gaga

Spring has sprung here in Melbourne Australia. And what a time of year for new beginnings and rethinking the plan. This week, i’m a free agent. Working from home in the best way possible. With fresh flowers, new buds on the trees and blue skys.

Online unity dev course

I’ve been spending a lot of time studying unity development and have found a fabulous course:

Udemy Unity Course

For only $24 (!) i’m going through 52 hours of tutorials. Using Unity and a number of other tools – we build 5 games. I’ve been considering investing in a 10 week course at But I figure i’ll try the $24 version before the $5,000 version..know what i’m sayin. Bless the internet and it’s abundance of free and engaging materials.

Meeting new friends and old friends

Historically, when i’ve based myself out of the house – I’ve found I go a little stir crazy:

  • No oustisde inspiration = the ideas don’t flow
  • No people = it’s boring and lonely
  • Lots of things to do that aren’t work = distraction and lack of focus
  • Close to the kitchen = unlimited food = unlimited hunger lol.

So, i’m making a point to meet people for lunch every single day. So far i’ve connected with a start up founder, a professional writer and a product manager at a virtual reality company.

Brainstorming new ideas

I want to work for myself. To do this, I need to come up with some ideas. Every day, i’m testing and learning new ideas. This bit is hard. But the way I see it – the more I do, the more chance i’ll have of coming up with something that works for me.

The best week ever

In summary this has been the best week ever. The freedom to connect with myself again.


My dear morning routine

If I had discovered this routine 10 years earlier – I think my world would be very different. But I guess, sometimes you’ve got to be in the right time and in the right place to really absorb a new idea and put it into action.

It all started on my way back from a trip to my homeland (NZ – Aotearoa). I’d elected to take an earlier connection to the airport so I was guaranteed to make my flight. This connection got me into Auckland with a cool 6 hours to spare. If you share my love for airports (even little ones like AUX), you’ll agree 6 hours at the airport is always an adventure.

While nibbling a cheeseburger, and drinking sparkling water, I browsed Audible for a new ebook to devour. My plan was to lazily roam the shops and digest some info. I cruised through the ‘personal development’ category, all too familiar with the titles on the best seller list. ‘The Miracle Morning‘ was a book i’d seen before – but was never committed enough to hit the download button and invest my valuable audible credits.

The Miracle Morning – Hal Elrod

The principles of this book are simple. Get up earlier, do the shit you need to get done every day and live a better quality life.