Orientation 3D Animation and Artistry course

In a very confronting 5pm – 9:30pm session today, I completed my first class in 3D animation and modelling. As usual for me it was a mixture of emotions…exhilaration when I created something unique (3d Art with a face only a mother could love). Terror when it got to 8pm and we still had an hour an a half to go (get ready for these hours so long as I want a career in this world).

Learning Autodesk Maya which pretty logical so far and learning Photoshop (which I already know) we created some 3D models using Polygons and wrapped them in textures we created in Photoshop.

I call my creations Pretty Birdy Lady (2d) and Birdy Buggy (3d Model).

Pretty Birdy Lady is queen of the beans and is both shocked an unimpressed.¬†Birdy Buggy is a happy guy who loves to zoom around in a big empty 3D meshed room on his buggy floater. You’ll note that Birdy Buggy is a HUGE fan of Pretty Birdy Lady and wears a t-shirt with her face on it.


Bathe in the glory of my first masterpieces internet.

X Muz